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1 Page Clinical Summary

Dr Juan Carlos Ascencio-Lane FACEM (Royal Hobart Hospital)

updated 30 Mar 2020

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Covid 19: Summary of Current Clinical Evidence for GPs

Version 9.1, Updated 4 Apr 2020

Updates: Key Symptoms, Rapid IgG/IgM Test, Recovery period

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Drs Kat McLean & Dr Wendy Burton

Tips for Healthcare Professionals

to keep you and your family safe (and sane!)

Community Factsheet

Managing Successfully at Home

Template for community factsheet/patient handout, as a supplement to formal 'stay at home' advice from formal state and federal health authorities.  


1. Go to "File"

2. Scroll down to "Download"

3. Click on "Microsoft Word"

Edit as you deem fit, and add your personal endorsement prior to distribution. 

GP Clinic and Community Response

A proposal for GPs to take the initiative to prepare their clinics and community while we have a window of opportunity. With Covid-19, we cannot rely on a hospital-centric approach. A community-based model is vital if communities are to cope with a moderate to high impact pandemic. 

(Version 5, Updated 2 Mar 2020) 


GP, General Practitioner, Covid 19, Covid 19 for GPs

GPs are at the frontline of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The strength of Australia's health system is in its network of primary care physicians, decentralised and distributed throughout and within the community. 

GPs have a key role in slowing the spread of Covid 19, easing the burden on the hospital system, and empowering our communities to cope with a moderately high impact pandemic. 

Since 12th Feb 2020, I have been developing and refining proposals for a GP clinic and community response to this threat, in concert with local GPs, state health service (Alpine Health) and Primary Health Network (PHN).


We have a window of opportunity to prepare now, before Australia begins to see sustained community transmission of Covid 19. 

"Planning now and doing something means we can control how well we cope with some of what may be coming." 

A/Prof Ian M. Mackay (Virologist)


Dr James S. Wei (MBBS, DCH, FRACGP)

A rural GP, at the gateway of the Victorian Alps, in the town of Myrtleford. Husband and father to a 5 month old boy. We are always on the lookout for GPs looking for a tree change! (shameless plug)

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